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Discover the process of submitting and managing insurance claims with ease. Get tips and advice on navigating insurance policies, preparing documentation, and understanding your coverage. Learn how to file a successful insurance claim today.



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Simplify the claims process even further by contacting your insurance agent or broker. Allow them to handle the filing on your behalf and experience a hassle-free experience.

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Ensure a smooth claims process by following the reporting guidelines outlined in your policy pack.

Property Losses

For property losses covered by your Business Owners policy:

  • Your claims representative will work with you and possibly our appraiser to evaluate damage and values.
  • Once the value is agreed upon, the paperwork signed, and we receive your banking information, you should receive payment promptly.

Liability Claims

For liability claims covered by GL, PL, or Business Owners policy:

  • Your claims representative will work with you to appoint an experienced attorney, if necessary. 
  • Hiscox will work with you and your attorney to vigorously defend your business and its reputation. We will strive to do so in a manner that causes the least interruption to your business. 
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Claims FAQs

Frequently Asked Question

You should always report a claim soon as possible. Please click here to report a claim

No – for security purposes we fund claim payments via direct deposit using bank-to-bank wire transfers into your bank account.

While most of the claims we receive are covered, there are unfortunate instances where the policy purchased does not cover the type of loss or claim submitted to us.

We know how devastating this can be for a business and, frankly, we dislike denying claims. But, you have our word that every coverage decision we reach is guided by our values of respect and integrity; and we will always give each claim a full and fair review.
If you think we got it wrong – please let us know. We always invite you to provide additional information that you believe would allow us to conclude that your claim is covered. And we are always willing to re-examine our decisions on coverage if new information becomes available.

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